Welcome to the world of Wyrd, a bizarre apocalyptic urban fantasy/sci-fi setting. An indiscriminate number of years ago, the world as everyone knew it ended. No one truly knows how long ago that was, as that time has been all but forgotten. All that has been left to those who inherited the world is corruption, pollution and changed landscape, and the Wyrd. No one knows where it came from or too much about it, except that it has been growing in strength and size. What is known about it, it has brought about a fundamental change in the planet. Strange new flora and fauna grow and “prosper” all over the planet, the oceans of the world have turned into an inky black, unnavigable ocean, storms of Wyrd energy cover up parts of the globe, brought new species into being, and many other strange phenomena.

The ecological pollution of this world with it’s taint, combined with the damaged caused by the old wars has put the planet into a downward spiral, as it’s people cling to survival, the world around them toxic, a world wounded and crying out in pain. The Wyrd also seems to bends reality itself. Strange things happen all the time that cannot be explained, rumors of people with strange abilities and magic.

Tall, glowing neon cities called Neo Cities jut out of the landscape, led by Neo Corporations which dominate the world from within their concrete jungles, hoarding resources, knowledge and technology. The exploit those in the Undercity and also in the Wastelands for personal gain.

The world that you enter is of fire, blood, poison and death. Will you mold it into hope or cling to its death throes?